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History of Agriculture – Jahad Organization

In 17 June 1987 (Persian date:  ۲۷ Khordad 1358) After the Islamic Revolution in  order  to  perform  fast   and   comprehensive   actions  to   remove   deprivation economic   and   cultural  development  of  rural  areas  of  the  Iran ,  according  to command of great leader of Islamic Revolution , Imam Khomeini , an organization called Jihad was formed.

While , Ministry of  Agriculture , worked out , in the framework of their duties and missions, including agronomy and animal husbandry.

After starting  the  Iraqi  imposed  war  against  the  newly  established  Islamic Republic of  Iran , Jihad  Sazandegi , in addition to its original mission , the care of the  development  and  promotion  of people living in deprived rural areas , with its own  employees  and  mobilize  popular  forces , the  high  risk and important task , doing support the  war (making trenches , roads , canals , waterways and ….) armed forces including the army, sepah and the basij.

Jihad Sazandegi valuable  services  in  the  field  of  cultural  activities , health , construction , agriculture and animal husbandry , and construction in general , rural areas far away, In 1362 was led , Islamic parliament , approves the Jihad Sazandegi Ministry. Then the duties and missions of Jihad was added or removed.

In year 1369 , the  respected  Islamic parliament approved the law of separation duties of the ministries of Agriculture and Jihad Sazandegi.

Under   these  laws , duties  relating  to  livestock  and  poultry , fishery , Tribes Affairs , Rural  Development (State roads , water and sewage , electricity and  rural industries) , Watershed  and  Natural Resources Ministry of Construction Jihad and all tasks related to agriculture , including farm , gardening , maintaining plants, soil and water , agricultural  mechanization  Enquiry was assigned to the Department of Agriculture.

In 1379 , plan  on  merging  the  two  departments  in  the Assembly the Islamic Revolution , introduced  with  the  aim  of  aggregate  functions  and  reforming the administrative   structure ,  organizational  and  other  affairs  related  to  two  other relevant ministries , approved and  established  Agricultural  Jihad  Ministry and all services   and   promotion  of   agronomy  and  animal  husbandry  and  agricultural research and so on , was brought together , In this ministry.

In  provincial  centers ,  Agricultural  Jihad  Organization , in  the  counties  the Management of Agricultural Jihad and other sectors  and  vill  the centers  promote the services of Agriculture , established.


The ministry, the great objectives of the Great Leader , placed always on top of programs  and  their  functions , and  in  trying  to cut  the country’s dependence on other  countries  in  the  field  of  agricultural  products  and  livestock products and other  protein  and  promoting  agriculture , and  use  improved  water  and soil and mechanization efforts and to work.

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